Resolution Declares November as Men’s Health Awareness Month

Mike Seals - March 2, 2021 10:12 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – A House Resolution declaring November 2021, “Men’s Health Awareness Month” was adopted by the House today.

HR 1004, sponsored by Rep. Logan Phillips, R-Mounds, looks to raise awareness of men’s mental and physical health issues.

“Men account for 3 in 4 suicides, and on average a man will choose to take his own life every 60 seconds,” said Phillips. “There is a stigma when it comes to men dealing with mental and physical health issues, and it is my hope that if we can bring more awareness to the issue we can reduce this stigma and help those in need.”

Phillips said that men account for 93% of workplace deaths, two in three preventable deaths, suffer from four times more heart disease than woman and that one in two men will develop cancer. Part of the reason for these preventable issues is a lack of willingness for men to get regular physical health checkups.

“I wear a mustache lapel pen that comes from a yearly challenge from the Movember Foundation,” said Phillips. “Each year to raise awareness, I grow a horribly wispy mustache to raise awareness and encourage men to go get a checkup. This year I’m challenging the entire state to join me in the Movember Challenge and ‘Grow Your Mo.’”

For more information about the Movember Challenge and to learn more about the foundation visit


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