The Ghosts Of The Poncan Theater’s Past

Ponca City Now - October 31, 2013 9:29 am

I heard about The Poncan Theater being haunted on my first day of work at Team Radio.

And with it being Halloween I thought about our ghost friends.

I talked with Ponca City natives, a few co-workers and someone who literally grew up in the theater to hear about their experiences.

Gayle Williams, our current KLOR DJ has been hearing about the ghosts of the Poncan her whole life.

She was a believer in paranormal when we moved our offices and studios into the theater three years ago.

William’s said she often feels their presence.

“The other thing I thought was interesting, once we moved down here and we’re in the area of the original business offices for the Poncan, we started losing office supplies," William’s said. " Which was really weird, tape dispensers, staplers, those kinds of things would just disappear.”

Somebody that dates even further back is Charles Hall.

Hall’s parents began running the Poncan in 1946 and he was born in 1947.

His parents ran the theater until he was in college.

Hall was leaving what is now our offices headed to the bathroom on the mezzanine.

“I immediately saw a light underneath the men’s bathroom door and that was my beacon," Hall said. "So, I went down the three steps and made my way toward the door, but once I was on the mezzanine level after stepping three steps down I couldn’t see the light anymore and I thought it was just the angle.”

Once he made his way to the bathroom the light wasn’t on.

Hall knew the light had been on, he even attempted to reenact it to see if it was an angle, but there was no light.

Hall said paranormals have said light is a form of communication.

Bill Coleman, owner of Team Radio has spent quite a bit of time in the Poncan

He had a brush up of his own with a Poncan spirit.

“I was just standing at the entrance to the balcony and all of a sudden I felt my hair move," Coleman said. "The back of my hair, it just kinda moved up, there was no gust of wind or nothing.”

Coleman said he hasn’t experienced anything like that since.

Another Team Radio employee, Sean Anderson, KPNC DJ took the suspicions as a challenge.

Anderson decided to stay overnight in the theater, front and center on the stage and let everyone listen in as he broadcast live the whole night.

He said he went in a skeptic and came out a believer.

" Out of no where I felt just a little breeze, a wisp of air completely unexplained," Anderson said. I had no idea where it came from, there wasn’t a door open, there wasn’t a vent near by, it was just an unexplained wisp of cool air. I immediately jumped up and ran for the lobby doors, not to go outside, just to get close to a window to see outside.”

Anderson said his fear was so real, even through the radio that a cop came to check-in on him after he felt that little breeze.

However, despite Anderson’s fear everyone has reported that the ghost are friendly and don’t cause trouble.

Multiple paranormal teams have visited the Poncan Theater to meet our ghosts and made documentaries.

Although, it has been nearly three months since my first learning of the spirits, I have yet to have any encounter.


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