Santa’s Stash Clue: Tuesday December 18th

Gayle Williams - December 14, 2018 9:40 am

  1. Ho Ho Ho, Good luck! Today’s clue: I’m  not located on the clock at City Hall.
  2. Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus here with today’s clue: Some go fast, some go slow, as they drive by my cheerful glow.
  3. Ho Ho Ho, Have you been naughty or nice? It’s a trick question because I have the list! Here’s today’s clue: Day or night is alright, but I prefer the night because that’s when they come out.
  4. Ho Ho Ho, Are you ready to win? You might need some holiday magic to solve this secret location just yet. Here’s today’s clue: People aren’t the only living things around me. There are plenty of living things where I’m located.
  5. Ho,  Ho, Ho, By the way, my favorite cookie is sugar with red and green sparkly sprinkles. I’m just putting that out there. Here’s today’s clue: Versions of me can be found all over the place  this time of year.
  6. Ho Ho Ho, I’m in the grass, standing upright, facing forward with the others … it’s not too tall, rather short, actually.
  7. One hundred minus  74 gives you the number of these you’ll find all over the place. But  which one? You only need one to win.
  8. It is an honor to be a part of something that so many people come from far and near, every year, just to see us standing here.
  9. I sometimes wish they’d turn me around so I could see the beauty behind me. But that wouldn’t make sense.
  10. Don’t turn out your lights by me — it wouldn’t be the  time or place for such a move over here, where people make their way by in what seems like a hurry. Slow down! Ho Ho Ho!!!
  11. Santa here with a brand new clue! By this time, you might not believe it’s possible for you to solve this mystery, but I promise you CAN.
  12. Santa Claus in studio with today’s clues. No milk and cookies in the studio for me today! What’s up with that? Here’s today’s clue: The Santa Train is headed my way and it’s right on time! I know, I can see the clock from where I stand.
  13. Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa Claus here , and I must admit, I’m getting a little stressed because we’re ten days away from my around the world adventure and I still haven’t finished all my shopping! Oh well, enough of my troubles. Here’s today’s clue: A beautiful red glow comes from me and the other 15. Don’t know where you are? Just look at the sign.
  14. Ho Ho Ho, Santa Clause here with today’s clue.   I can’t believe we’re still trying to solve this mystery.   I must have hidden my stash of Santa cash very well!   Are you ready? Here’s today’s clue.  I’m one of 26,… but more specifically, I’m one of 16 as we all stand front and center.
  15. Ho Ho Ho Santa Clause here with today’s clue.   Two words you see all over the place this time of year… 16 letters make up this common phrase and I’m one of the first 7.


These are  the clues that have been given so far in the 2018 Santa’s Stash contest. Call in during the morning shows on KLOR and KPNC when the clue of the day is given. If you are the correct caller with the right answer, you win!

The first person to solve the mystery will win $1,500 in Santa’s Stash Cash, spendable just like cash at our participating sponsors.

Many thanks to our sponsors:

  • Anderson Flooring Abbey Design Showroom
  • IQ Car Wash
  • Liles & Company
  • The Attic Boutique
  • H&H Laboratory
  • Spray’s Jewelry and Gifts
  • Frazier’s Restaurant in the Osage
  • Garrett Wrangler Restaurant
  • Alliance Health Ponca City Raspberry Thicket Gift Shop
  • McGee Jewelers
  • Sharp’s Pawn & Jewelry
  • Napoli’s Italian Restaurant
  • Food Pyramid North
  • Food Pyramid South

Good luck!


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