Police take drugs off Ponca City streets

Ponca City Now - December 10, 2013 6:37 am

More than 400 grams of methamphetamine was seized in Ponca City this year.

Police Chief Don Bohon said street value for that much meth is more than $41,000.

Meth tops the charts with prescription drugs coming in second, police confiscated more than 500 pills.

Bohon said these two drugs scare police the most.

"All drugs are negative for our community," Bohon said. "Meth scares us, it seems to have such a devastion on people and everyone around them. It just starts to take someone down and it seems they start to take someone down with them. The other one that scares us the most is abusing prescription medication because it’s not really realized to be the problem that it is, because they think well the doctor gave me the medicine or the doctor prescribed this how can it be so dangerous.”

The police also seized nearly 900 grams of marijuana, but the street value only equaled $17,000.

Cocaine takes last place with a little more than one gram seized.

Bohon said Ponca City isn’t alone in the drug battle.

“This place isn’t falling apart, drugs are a problem everywhere," Bohon said. "You are just in this community, so you are seeing our number, go compare them to other places. Everyone has a problem.”

Bohon said drugs could be considered the largest problem because it’s a driving force behind a lot things.

Often times burglaries, domestic abuse, rape, etc, also involve drug abuse.


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