Garfield Teachers Hand-out Gift Bags and Cards

Mike Seals - December 18, 2020 12:13 am

Donations were made by PIE Partners to Students and Families  


Garfield Elementary School teachers have been handing out the gift bags and gift cards to their students and families.

The gift bags and cards were purchased and donated to Garfield from their Partners In Education (PIE) Phillips 66.

Garfield Principal Katy Thomason said, “Each of our students received a hat, gloves, snacks, Chapstick, and Homeland gift cards to help with groceries for Christmas dinner. We are blessed to have PIE partners that care so much about the wellbeing of our students and staff.”


Pictured below: Garfield Kindergarten Teacher Darcey Austin with Garfield Student Ellie Metcalf 

Pictured below: Garfield 3rd Grade Teacher Jordan Biester with Garfield Student John Thomas 


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