Animal Control Board supports 10-day hold limit

Ponca City Now - July 22, 2015 9:30 am

By Beverly Bryant/News Director

The Ponca City Animal Control Advisory Board discussed the length of time adoptable animals will be held at the city’s animal shelter Tuesday night.

Police Chief Don Bohon, who oversees Animal Control operations, said that the average length of time dogs have been held at animal control has been 15.7 days since April 23. None of the animals was held for less than nine days, and 37 days was the longest stay for a dog.

The board voted to support Bohon’s proposal for setting a standard stay of 10 calendar days for dogs. By law, animals must be held a minimum of 72 hours before adoption or euthanasia, to allow owners time to claim lost animals.

Bohon said the standard stay time would make it easier for rescue groups to know when animals would be available to take for adoption in areas outside of Ponca City.

The 10-day limit was recommended by two rescue groups to cut back on the last-minute rush to adopt.

The advisory board also approved a motion which would give Animal Control personnel the discretion to euthanize injured, sick or aggressive animals before the end of the 10-day period for the betterment of the whole.

Bohon said he would discuss the matters with the city attorney. He said he anticipates making the change at the first of the year.

The Police Chief said that in the first six months of 2015, Animal Control has handled 403 dogs. Of that number, 139 were euthanized, or 34.5 percent. Of the 403 dogs handled, 97 were surrenders, he said.

In the same time period, Animal Control handled 185 cats. Of that number, 133 were euthanized, or 72 percent. Bohon said that is below the average, but is still high. He said 33 of those were surrendered animals. Most of the cats, Bohon said, are not "owned" cats, but are feral or "community" cats.

Also during the first six months of 2015, Animal Control issued 240 citations for a variety of animal-related complaints.

Bohon also told the board about improvements made at the shelter at Animal Control. He said ventilation had been improved in the cat room with a new exhaust fan and ductwork to keep the air fresher. He said it was installed by Ward’s Heating and Air and was paid for by Dros Cause. Larger fans also have been placed in the dog kennels.

Another project in the plans is power washing and sealing the concrete floor in the cat room.

The board’s next meeting is Oct. 20.


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