Young Recommends Stitt “Slow his roll”

Mike Seals - October 15, 2020 10:45 pm

Sen. George Young comments on Governor Stitt’s announcement of a new state pandemic center

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Sen. George Young, D-Oklahoma City, released the following statement on Thursday regarding Gov. Kevin Stitt’s announcement that the state’s public health lab will be moved to Stillwater.

“I am very concerned that in the midst of a pandemic on a tragic trajectory, during which we’ve received very little leadership from our governor, that a decision has been made to move the testing center for all types of diseases from our capitol city – the largest city in the state – and home of Senate District 48, to Stillwater.

“We learned of this move through a news release with no notification or consultation regarding any concerns or favorable items related to this very important decision. Obviously, the legislature does not have the ability to dictate to the governor, but one would think a brief communication stating this matter is under consideration would be a good idea.

“Many of the Oklahomans who work in this testing facility, which again is located in Senate District 48, have been thrown into a situation forcing them to make decisions concerning their future with no warning. This pandemic, by all accounts, will impact our state for at least another year even with a vaccine. With that, I ask the governor to speak with those who will be impacted by this decision.

“I have not received any information that says this decision will help us in the next pandemic. I have read the reports as to why, and I understand the research capabilities of OSU, but I don’t understand why we couldn’t have first talked about what this decision means for Oklahoma City and those I represent.

“I recommend Governor Stitt slow his roll and realize the traumatic impact this will have on Oklahomans in Senate District 48.”

For more information, contact:

Sen. George Young at 405-521-5531, or email [email protected].


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