Wrong Subcontractor Sued in Oklahoma City’s Largest Commercial Fire Case; Red Dirt Electric Fights to Clear Name

KOKH - August 7, 2023 6:33 am

Canton Apartment fire in OKC in February 2022.

A strange legal turn for the largest commercial fire in Oklahoma City history. Turns out, the owners of The Canton at Classen Curve sued the wrong subcontractor.

Spencer Struck with Red Dirt Electric says he doesn’t want to see someone else’s mistake ruin his career. He doesn’t even work in Oklahoma City, where this happened. Struck works in Kingfisher.

“The biggest thing for me going forward that I want to focus on is just to set the record straight that I had nothing to do with The Canton fire,” Struck said. “Red Dirt Electric of Kingfisher had nothing to do with The Canton fire.”

That’s not what the original lawsuit says. Struck’s business was in $60 million worth of legal trouble for a property he didn’t even work on.

“My initial thought when I read it was for $60 million, when I was served the papers, is ‘these people are going to be really disappointed whenever they come to collect on that.’ I don’t have anything close to that. I would think that in a $60 million case you would cross every T, dot every I four or five times. There’s so many places where just a little bit of research would’ve showed you that I didn’t have anything to do with this.”

He says it’s not even possible that Red Dirt Electric had any connection to the fire.

“This fire happened in February of [2022] and I didn’t even open until January of this year. I was just like, ‘How can this be?”

New court documents allege Red Dirt Construction had involvement, prompting a meeting between Struck’s attorney’s and the plaintiff’s legal team.

“After repeated requests from my attorneys to the plaintiff’s attorneys, we finally got one to meet with us,” Struck said. “He apologized privately. But I was told there would be no public statement, or any kind of retraction, apology.”

Struck says it’s too early to tell if he’ll sue the plaintiffs, but he might consider it if he loses business from this mistake.

“My main focus is to put it in the rear view, set the record straight, get up in the morning, go to work, not have to worry about this and just continue to take care of my customers. My biggest plan going forward is just to pray about it, and the Good Lord will take care of the rest.”

The plaintiff’s attorneys tell Fox 25 they have no comment. Fox 25 also reached out to Red Dirt Construction, but haven’t heard back.



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