Woodland’s temporary move expected to create traffic issue

Ponca City Now - July 23, 2014 11:42 am

Due to renovations, Woodlands Elementary is going to move classes to Washington Elementary for the year. This is a great plan, except for the traffic situation as Chief Police Don Bohon would say. Washington is located off Seventh St.,which is the street the High School is on too.

Bohon said the city’s traffic engineer, the schools director of facilities and himself have been getting ready for this change.

“First and foremost, what I am going to do from the police standpoint is have officers over there on-site off their motorcycles or out of their cars, whatever the case may be on-site helping keep things flowing right the first week or two until we feel we have everyone accustom to it,” Bohon said. :No matter how much planing you do or how much you talk about it when school starts back up there’s going to be a lot of people who fall into habit. Until we get them accustom to the change they’ll be some hiccups that we have to keep moving along and it’s not really an enforcement issue, that’s not what I’m going to have them over there for. I am going to have them over there because I want to help keep things flowing and make sure everyone’s safe, and we can help address some issues that come up immediately.”

Another factor that will contribute to more traffic is kids will not be able to walk from home. More parents will be dropping off and picking up their kids, so Woodlands principal has been preparing them.

Bohon doesn’t expect stand still traffic, but does have some suggestions to alleviate some congestion. His first suggestion is if you are going to the high school or use Seventh St. during school rush hours consider re-routing. Second, he asks parents to look at the handouts the school is giving out about this issue.He wants parents to understand things before showing up the first day of school. Third, keeping the kids safe is obviously the most important thing.

" I don’t care which of the streets their on, they need to be pulling in heading the right direction," Bohon said. Right hand wheels against the curb, so your student can get out on the right side and get straight onto the property, not on the left side into traffic and have to go around."

Lastly, Bohon ask everyone to be patient.

Woodlands’ will be back in their remodeled building next school year. Then Trout will use Washington while their school gets remodeled during the 2014 – 2015 school year.


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