Woman Accused of Murdering 3-year-old Granddaughter Claims Death Was Horrific Accident

KOCO-5 - September 13, 2022 6:51 am

Becky Vreeland is accused of murdering her granddaughter and leaving her in a trash bin for days.

KOCO 5 had a one-on-one interview with a woman accused of murdering her 3-year-old granddaughter, claiming her death was a horrific accident.

Becky Vreeland was accused of murdering her granddaughter and leaving her in a trash bin for days. Vreeland asked KOCO 5 to sit down with her in jail to tell her side of the story.

Vreeland claims the death of her granddaughter was a horrific accident, but also said she’s ready to plead guilty and be put to death.

Vreeland said she had her grandchildren for 900 days while their parents served time in jail. One of those children, 3-year-old Riley Nolan, died in her care and investigators said it was Vreeland who killed her.

In a visitation interview on Monday that KOCO 5 was not allowed to record, Vreeland said Nolan’s death was an accident. She claims she kept toys in a trash bin in the backyard and a ladder next to it for the children to get the toys out.

She said Nolan must’ve fallen in. Vreeland said she found Nolan dead when she woke up and said she was looking angelic and resting peacefully.

Court documents said the grandfather, Vreeland’s ex-husband, called police after finding his granddaughter in the trash bin three days after she died. Vreeland called the death “horrible, but to think I killed her is worse.”

Vreeland said she never called the police because she feared they would take away the other children and she questions that decision now, saying “was it the right thing? The wrong thing? I don’t know, but I didn’t do anything wrong.”

She said she wishes she could give her life for her granddaughter to be back. She claimed the state won’t be able to prove she killed her granddaughter, but Vreeland told KOCO 5 she has no way to prove she didn’t do it.

Vreeland said she plans to plead guilty and ask for lethal injection because she’s filed her appeal with God.

After initially declining it, Vreeland was appointed an attorney in a court hearing.

She told KOCO 5 on Monday that she has not yet met with the attorney.


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