Wolfstock helps raise money for Ponca City animals

Ponca City Now - May 28, 2014 9:01 am

It may look like a circus upon arriving, with hot pink dogs, police officers being dunked and a wolf wondering around. What it really is, is local animal rescue, Dro’s Cause Wolfstock event. Dro’s Cause founders, James and Naomi Cummings said the first $700 raised will go directly to Animal Control.

“We will pay to have the floor redone out there, because it’s not in the city budget and it’s desperately needed," James said. "It’s [money] actually coming to us, but we are writing a check to them to have the floors redone in the cat room. Also, some of that money will go towards redoing the venting in the cat room so the floors will dry faster and it will knock down illnesses in the cat room, so the animals in there will be more adoptable. Last year we had a kill rate of about little over 90 percent on the cats. It’s really high on the cats and a lot of that is due to illness that cats get and they transfer it so easy. We are trying to cut down the illnesses, so that they’ll be more adoptable.”

Once that is taken care of they will take their money and begin the process of becoming a licensed rescue. Then once that is achieved, Dro’s Cause would like to establish a facility. And Wolfstock is the first step to raising the needed money.

The event will have something for kids, adults and dogs. For the kids they will have games such as, bean bag tosses and three legged races. As for the adults there will be a silent auction and craft show. And for your furry children there will be grooming available and a pageant for them to show off their Sunday best. The Cummings also said there will be events for the whole family, like the human pound.

“What we are doing that day is we are having a dog pound," Naomi Cummings said. "We’re going to have some little officers that run around and pick people up, if they’re willing to participate they will pick people up and put them in the pound. Then those people that have been put in the pound have to get someone to adopt them out for a fee of $10.”

The gate fee for adults is $1, and children 11 and under are free. The festival is Saturday at Lake Ponca, right across the street from the Ambucs park. Bands start playing and gates open at 10 a.m. and close at 7 that evening.


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