Wildcat of the Week Po-Hi Senior Clay Cain

Beverly Cantrell - January 30, 2022 5:21 pm

Ponca City Public Schools-
The Heather Cannon Wildcat of the Week #14 for the 2021-2022 school year was presented to Po-Hi Senior Clay Cain.
Superintendent Shelley Arrott said, “Clay Cain certainly exhibits the characteristics of the Wildcat Way and is a well-deserved recipient of this award. Clay is a great student and a great fiend to EVERYONE! What is unique about Clay is that he has an unmatched love for music, but pushes himself to experience other opportunities and become the best he can be at whatever he does. Clay maintains great grades with a rigorous course schedule, is a member of the PCPS Symphony Strings Orchestra, and plays Wildcat Football. He is the ultimate team player and strives to improve everything he immerses himself in.”
“Clay will tell you music is a significant part of his life, and his teachers say he lives and breathes music. He loves making music with his fellow orchestra members, loves listening to different genres of music on his AirPods, and writes about music in his published journal for his project in Senior English. He does not have a favorite genre of music … he loves it all!”
“Clay’s teachers all had wonderful things to say about him. Mrs. Cochran, his orchestra conductor, said Clay is one of her top three violin players out of 27 violinists in the symphony orchestra. She said he has the perfect bowing arm, which I am glad I now know means you hold the bow and your arm perfectly straight. Ms. Marsh-Smith made note that even though Clay is not a member of the yearbook staff, he steps in to Hold That Line any time the staff needs help with yearbook. Coach Harmon, Clay’s football coach emphasized that he if a very unselfish and TEAM oriented athlete, a great TEAM MATE, and has a bright future.”
“Clay, it was a pleasure to present the Wildcat of the Week Award to you during your symphony orchestra class since I know you have a passion for music. I got to witness rehearsal for a few minutes before the presentation of the award, and I could tell you were so focused on Ms. Cochran’s instruction, which tells me you continually try to improve your playing skills and are very coachable. I was so impressed with the entire group! It’s no wonder we receive superior ratings at competitions and present amazing concerts! I know you mentioned you are undecided about what your future career goals are, but I think your future should involve music because if you make a career of doing what you love, it makes life that much sweeter. I really think you would be a wonderful orchestra conductor, so I hope you consider music education. You can return to your alma mater and help other Wildcats excel in our orchestra program as well. We love to hire our former students, and you know our orchestra program is top-notch. Those Wildcat Way characteristics will serve you well in any profession, but teachers with these characteristics make a profound difference in the lives of their students. I think teaching music is your calling!”
“It was such a pleasure meeting you today, Clay! I could tell just from meeting you that you are a good person and your kind, helpful, humble, and grateful personality is a breath of fresh air to all of us. Your school, community, and family are so proud of you! PS. I hear you are a great brother, too!)”
The “Wildcat of the Week” Award is sponsored by Heather Cannon Honda. The award is for a deserving high school student who follows the characteristics of the Wildcat Way which are Work Ethic, Improve, Leadership, Discipline, Compete, Attitude, and Teamwork. These characteristics may be exhibited in any setting and is open to all Ponca City High School students.
Several Ponca City patrons are involved in making the “Wildcat of the Week” a reality. These partners include: Tina Christian, Senator Bill Coleman – TEAM Radio, Heather Cannon – Heather Cannon Honda, Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters, and Tyndall Dentistry.
Each week a new “Wildcat of the Week” will be selected from the nominations of TEAM Radio listeners and viewers. Winners receive a free BBQ sandwich meal from Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters and a T-shirt from Boss Custom Tees. PCPS will make the presentation weekly at Po-Hi. If you know an outstanding student at Po-Hi who is living the Wildcat Way, please use the form in one of these links https://www.poncacitynow.com//32875-2/, or visit www.PoncaCityNow.com, www.PoHiSports.com, or www.pcps.us.
Pictured: Katy Rolf (Assistant Orchestra Conductor), Paula Cochran (Orchestra Conductor and Instrumental Music Coordinator), Clay Cain (Wildcat of the Week #14), Shelley Arrott (PCPS Superintendent) and Ella Gordan (Assistant Orchestra Conductor).
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