Wildcat of the Week #21 is Po-Hi Junior Heidi Fulks-Sinor

Ponca City Public Schools - April 20, 2022 9:36 pm

Ponca City High School

The Heather Cannon Wildcat of the Week #21 for the 2021-2022 school year was presented to Po-Hi junior Heidi Fulks-Sinor.
Superintendent Shelley Arrott said, “Heidi Fulks-Sinor is one of the most responsible, conscientious and dedicated Wildcats! She is so dedicated to being the best that she can be in all that she does. It is clearly obvious she has the perseverance to accomplish any goal she sets for herself, particularly staying focused on becoming her personal best in the classroom, but to also gain knowledge, skills and life lessons that will help her be an accomplished and active citizen.”
“To help everyone understand the self-starter that Heidi is, I want to provide just a few examples. Heidi’s mom was not able to make it to Parent/Teacher conference due to a conflict and Heidi took it upon herself to video her teachers making a few comments about how she is doing in class to share with her mother. Additionally, due to an unforeseeable circumstance, Heidi had to be absent from school for several days. Her teachers said she reached out to all of them continuously to stay informed about her school work and all said she never failed to turn in her assignments either early or on time during the days she had to be absent. As a junior, Heidi also participated in the ACT assessment, which is also the state test for juniors. Heidi and her mom spent a week of school evenings traveling to an additional ACT workshop to hep improve her score, which ultimately will help with academic scholarships as she plans for college. They did not get home until after midnight each night, and yet Heidi was at school on time and was prepared with her assignments the next day.”
“All of Heidi’s teachers recognize her dedication, and when I reached out to find out specific information about her, EVERY teacher said she is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and conscientious students they have in class. They all think she is not only resilient, but steady, happy and friendly and is highly deserving of being named the Wildcat of the Week. Heidi is involved in all that she can handle while keeping her academics a priority. She is a member of the National Honor Society and is a fiercely loyal Wildcat who backs her fellow Wildcats with a huge heart and a great amount of pride.”
“Heidi, I have gotten to know you better this year, and without doubt, I see that you are a committed student. You have a growth mindset, you are organized, you are consistent and persistent, and you set goals for yourself. You are that person who is able to overcome any setback to make you stronger and you are able to connect learning to life, even if it is hard. Another thing I think you are is very brave. Brave students are the ones who take risks and amass experiences. You use these experiences for learning and growth. You quickly establish what you love and doing so will lead you to create a life that you love. One thing I know is you LOVE your fellow Wildcats, your teachers and your school. In addition to becoming your personal best with academics, you are also a dedicated employee of Marshalls. I have no doubt they see these same powerful attributes at work as we see at school. You truly take care of everything including everything you have, especially yourself and your dog, Tux. You also have a very admirable and close bond with your mother who is always there for you. I know you are always there for your mom, too, and she is SO very proud of you!”
“I think Mr. Liles summed you up in a nutshell. She said, ‘Heidi is a very genuine person and treats everyone with respect.’ When Mr. Liles sent me that quote, I thought he is exactly correct. If I had to use one word to describe you it would be genuine. You have an amazing heart that exudes authenticity. Mrs. Roberts had a great comment, too, ‘Heidi’s inner strength is as much an inspiration as her kindness and consideration for others.’ Inner strength will get you through the troubling times in life that we all experience!”
“Upon graduation, you want to attend the University of North Texas and major in psychology, specializing in athletic counseling. I am not one bit surprised you have very specific goals for your life!”
“Your school, your community and your family are so very proud of you, Heidi! Your work ethic, perseverance and commitment to personal growth displays so much maturity despite your young age. You handle challenges with dignity and grace and we are all better people for knowing you! You are an amazing girl and an amazing Wildcat. Congratulations!”
The “Wildcat of the Week” Award is sponsored by Heather Cannon Honda. The award is for a deserving high school student who follows the characteristics of the Wildcat Way which are Work Ethic, Improve, Leadership, Discipline, Compete, Attitude, and Teamwork. These characteristics may be exhibited in any setting and is open to all Ponca City High School students.
Several Ponca City patrons are involved in making the “Wildcat of the Week” a reality. These partners include: Tina Christian, Senator Bill Coleman – TEAM Radio, Heather Cannon – Heather Cannon Honda, Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters, and Tyndall Dentistry.
Each week a new “Wildcat of the Week” will be selected from the nominations of TEAM Radio listeners and viewers. Winners receive a free BBQ sandwich meal from Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters and a T-shirt from Boss Custom Tees. PCPS will make the presentation weekly at Po-Hi. If you know an outstanding student at Po-Hi who is living the Wildcat Way, please use the form in one of these links https://www.poncacitynow.com//32875-2/, or visit www.PoncaCityNow.com, www.PoHiSports.com, or www.pcps.us.
Pictured Front: Julie Roberts (Po-Hi English III Teacher), Heidi Fulks-Sinor (Wildcat of the Week #21) and Shelley Arrott (PCPS Superintendent).
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