Where Does Richard Glossip Case Go From Here

News 6 - April 10, 2023 6:11 am

Richard Glossip

After decades on Death Row, Richard Glossip‘s case may soon see trial again after Attorney General Gentner Drummond asked the court to vacate Glossip’s murder conviction.

Glossip has spent 26 years on Death Row, has had three ‘last meals,’ and has been moments away from lethal injection. The attorney general is granting Glossip another second chance.

“He said he believes, based upon that if those facts are true, the wrong person is on Death Row. That means Justin Sneed should be the one on Death Row,” said legal analyst Irven Box.

Sneed is the state’s key witness in the Glossip case, and the codefendant who actually committed the murder of Barry Van Treese. Sneed confessed to the murder as part of his plea deal to avoid the death penalty. As part of that deal, Sneed testified against Glossip. Sneed was convicted and will be in jail for the rest of his life.

“Jeopardy is attached to Sneed. He’s got life without parole. He can’t get the death penalty. They can’t increase it or anything like that,” Box said.

While Sneed remains in jail, Glossip has more opportunities.

“The attorney general says, ‘Let’s send it all the way back to the trial level, let a new DA evaluate it, decide what to do, decide whether to try it or not,” Box said.

But the Criminal Court of Appeals doesn’t have to take the case back up. They can decide not to hear the case again.

“They’ve got a couple of options, but they’re going to have to hurry because May’s the execution date,” said Box.


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