Weather experts urge Oklahomans to prepare as tornado season hits its peak

KOKH - May 15, 2024 5:41 am

It is severe weather season in Oklahoma and experts are urging Oklahomans to prepare and have a plan before storms hit.

Experts with the National Weather Service say everyone should think about their severe weather plan and make sure they know where their safe place is before it is too late.

Over 50 tornados have already torn through Oklahoma this year, some destroying homes and businesses, and even leaving people injured or dead.

Despite that high number of twisters, experts say we’re still not in the clear,

“Tornado season in Oklahoma is January 1st all the way through December 31st,” said Mark Fox, Meteorologist in Charge at The National Weather Service in Norman, “However, this is the peak, you know, mid to late April, May into June, this is the time of year where we get round after round of storms.”

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service say all Oklahomans should prepare for severe weather, even when it’s not in the forecast,

“If nothing’s on (the) radar kind of think about your plan if something were to happen, I would go to my storm shelter, my bathroom, indoor wherever it is, think about those things before it’s too late,” Fox said.

The safest place you can be during severe weather is a tornado shelter, and many urge Oklahomans to get some sort of shelter in their home,

“There’s never a good time to really prepare, you know if you have a chance to protect your family put some type of tornado protection in your home,” said the CEO of Oz Saferooms, Andrew Zagorski.

Experts also recommend building an emergency kit that you can bring to your safe place with you,

“We’ve got a place that we’ve got medicines, we’ve got some of the family pictures and some important documents, we’ve already thought about that we have them in a safe place,” Fox said, “We’ve got them in a bin if we need to take those to shelter, we’ll take those with us.”

Other important items to have in your kit are flashlights, batteries, a weather radio, and a first aid kit.


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