Update:Po-Hi student arrested, guns seized

Ponca City Now - January 14, 2014 12:53 pm

A Ponca City High School student was taken into custody for having weapons, ammunition and drug paraphernalia in his car.

According to police officials William Chance Hubler was pulled out of class and was present during the search.

The pickup was in the main secured school parking lot on 7th St.

The initial investigation reveals there were no threats made to students or school administration.

The scent of drugs was detected by Koda, Ponca City’s K9 during a routine grounds and building search.

The search was requested by the school administration and was conducted just after 8 a.m.

Police officials said the key was obtained from Hubler.

A Kay County sheriffs’ deputy and Po-Hi administrator were present.

Dr. David Pennington, Ponca City school board superintendent said the weapons were in cases.

“Obviously we are very disappointed that a student chose to bring weapons onto school property," Pennington said. "It is ironic that today, at the same time that we were dealing with this issue it came across the national news that a school shooting had occurred in New Mexico. In this circumstance, there was never a threat to students. It is our understanding that the weapons were in cases and were not loaded; however, Federal law is clear that having a weapon on school property, regardless of the circumstances, mandates a suspension from school for a calendar year.”

The school district has contracted the drug dogs for several years.

It’s one of the safety measures used in the district’s overall safety plan.


Police officials said Hubler is being charged with possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana.

The owner of the gun was able to identify the gun through the released photo.

The serial number on the camouflage gun was scanned and confirmed stolen.

This is not Hubler’s first run in with the police.

In November of last year he was arrested for public intoxication and obstruction.


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