Update from Livestock Show Committee

Mike Seals - February 14, 2021 4:53 pm

Below is an update from the Livestock Show Committee.

“As you know the show has been moved to the week of February 22-26, 2021 at the Blackwell Show Barn and Event Center. We are not changing the schedule just moving the dates so the sheep and goats will show on the 22nd, hogs on the 23rd, cattle on the 24th, barn clean up the 25th, and the banquet on the 26th.

Hog Show Families!!!

As you may know PEDv has outbroken again in Oklahoma, so this will change our show procedures slightly. You MUST check in before unloading and show CVI papers and your pseudo papers. If you turned them in you still need to have them with you along with your CVI and registration papers for your registered gilts. You CANNOT get a CVI any earlier than Saturday, Feb 20th.

It is the State veterinarians requirements to have a CVI proving you do not have PEDv in your heard within 3 days prior to show. This means you need to have your vet do your CVI Saturday, Sunday (if the vet does Sunday appointments), or Monday since we show on Tuesday. We will be opening the barn to hogs Monday night for check in we would like everyone to come in through one entrance, we will check your CVI, psuedos, and your hogs prior to unloading.

DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR HOGS PRIOR TO HAVING PAPERWORK AND HOGS CHECKED.  We are doing this to keep your entire herd safe at home as well as our barns clean and safe for showing. Please contact your vet to make this appointment as soon as possible. You cannot show or come into the barn without your CVI and pseudo papers checked.”

Please practice proper biosecurity at home and if you have questions on how to do so please contact your Ag Instructor or the 4-H Educator, Liz Nicholson. I have attached biosecurity tips if you need them.

We know this may come as an inconvenience and it will slow things down, but we are doing this per the State Veterinarians guidelines. This will be a protocol for shows until after OYE. So go ahead and make your vet appointments for all upcoming shows. Again, this is for the safety of your animals and you’re herd at home.


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