University of Oklahoma Increases Tuition for 2023

KTUL - June 22, 2022 6:08 am

Cost of living has never been higher for Oklahomans, and the same goes for the cost of studying.

The University of Oklahoma approved another increase in tuition Tuesday, its second in two years.

Joseph Harroz Jr., the school’s president, recommended the Board of Regents approve next year’s budget without revision. However, a last-minute amendment will ease the financial burden for Oklahoman students.

The board approved a 2.75% increase in tuition last year. This year was slated to bring an even 3%, but the change will only affect out-of-state students.

OU lists the current tuition for an out-of-state undergraduate student as $28,869 – more than double the in-state tuition – which means the figure will increase by $866.07 in 2023.

At $11,700, room and board is almost equal to in-state tuition for students. That number is set to go up as well, but the budget doesn’t specify by how much.

On OU’s Tulsa campus, the proposed budget suggests it will collect $171,451 less in tuition compared to 2022. However, it will make $242,739 more than the previous year in student fees.

Despite this $71,288 increase in revenue, the Tulsa campus is only projected to turn a profit of $10,596.


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