Two GOP Oklahoma Lawmakers Push for ‘Magic Mushroom’ Research

Beverly Cantrell - January 31, 2022 7:12 am

What some are calling a “psychedelic renaissance” could be making its way to Oklahoma.

Two republican led proposals would open the door to providing a new kind of therapy for things like anxiety, depression, and more.

As more research emerges on the medical and therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms, some lawmakers want to join in on the groundbreaking discoveries.

Representatives Logan Phillips and Daniel Pae are bringing two bills to the house floor.

The bills focus on psilocybin, which is the main active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

“Psilocybin is a natural remedy,” Rep. Logan Phillips said. “It’s one of those original plant-based medicines that’s been around for centuries.”

While magic mushrooms are typically known for their hallucinogenic effects, recently they’ve been studied for medicinal benefits.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that doses of psilocybin reduced depression and anxiety.

With those initial results, Rep. Phillips said his bill is aimed at helping a cause that hits home.

“About ten years ago when I got out of the military, I was dealing with a lot of my veterans, colleagues, my comrades were dealing with PTSD,” Rep. Phillips said. “And being an academic, as college professor we started doing the research looking at it. And I realized that a lot of research was coming out that psilocybin in conjunction with some other therapeutic and other mental health issues can actually cause recovery from that.”

Before this type of treatment is accepted statewide, lawmakers are advocating for more research.

“Universities will pair off. They will find a grower of psilocybin. They will go to the department of health and then they will do clinical trials and clinical studies of this to see if it’s actually functional,” Rep. Phillips said. “In a few years if it does prove to be useful, then the state can look at it in a different light.”

Rep. Phillips said now is finally the right time to bring the bills to the table, adding that they’ve already received support from his colleagues.

“With the covid pandemic and the negativity of that plus the closing of the war, we have a lot of people that need the help right now,” Rep. Phillips said.


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