Tulsa’s Mercury Lounge Struggles to Cope With Recurring Vandalism Incidents

News 6 - May 22, 2023 6:59 am


A popular bar and music venue in Tulsa said it can’t seem to catch a break.

The Mercury Lounge said vandals have hit them over and over again this year, including three times just this month.

The business has video of the latest break-in and gave us a look at the damage.

When the owners came to work, they found a mess and had to fill the dumpster with ruined furniture and shattered glass, but they said the show must go on.

“They flipped over a lot of furniture. Broke some windows. I think that there were some biological wastes left by some of these people,” said Brian O’Mahony, co-owner.

As if human feces left on the floor of his business isn’t enough, Brian O’Mahony said just this week he’s dealt with someone breaking out car windows with a brick in his business’ parking lot; plus, shattered glass panels and ransacked rooms at the venue.

“Sadly, we’ve had three incidents of random acts of vandalism in the last five days, which has been tough as a small business owner,” said Brian. “The Mercury Lounge has had pieces that have come from old, really cool diners over the years. We source these pieces. They’re kind of like you said, eclectic.”

Amy Haggard is a regular and is frustrated that such a great place with great people is dealing with a not-so-great situation.

“It’s just like a community. And I call it my honeycomb hideout,” said Amy. “I don’t know if it’s a homeless person or someone just out here doing scandalous things because they’re bored. But it takes a lot from people to have to replace and replenish.”

Brian doesn’t want a couple of vandals stunting the South Boston Business District’s growth.

“I do think you need an increased police presence, especially in the later hours and early mornings to combat this,” said Brian.

Brian said so many people have been reaching out asking how they can help, and he is very grateful.

He said the best way to support them is by coming out to support live, local artists this weekend and in the weekends to come.

Mercury Lounge, Tulsa(photos from Mercury Lounge Facebook)

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