Tulsa Family Relieved After Loved One’s Murderer Sentenced To Life

Beverly Cantrell - October 18, 2021 1:59 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma – 

A Tulsa family has justice after their loved one’s killer is sentenced to the rest of his life in prison.

Charletta Thomas was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Alonzo Kelly, in 2016.

A guilty verdict might mean justice for Thomas’ family but it doesn’t buy them more time with her and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

“She was a great mother, grandmother, sister, daughter. She was everything I could ask for,” Shamia Thomas said.

Shamia wonders what life would look like with her mother Charletta Thomas still in it. She said her mom’s boyfriend Alonzo Kelly robbed Shamia of precious mother-daughter moments when he shot and killed Thomas in 2016. Thomas’ relatives said Kelly abused her during their relationship.

“God gives us a way of escape. Take the way of escape and don’t look back, and you will be fine,” Daphine Thomas said.

Thomas’ family remembers her as loving, kind, courageous, and strong.

Shamia said her mom was stubborn and hard-headed but an amazing woman.

“She would take care of any and everybody no matter what, and she’d stick with you. Ask for anything,” Shamia said.

Thomas’ family has been in and out of courtrooms for five years testifying and reliving their worst day over and over again.

In 2016, Kelly was charged with Thomas’ murder, and spent about 2 years in hiding until police arrested him in Oregon during a prostitution sting in 2018.

“It’s very, very painful, but in the end when you finally get the justice, you know, you get that guilty verdict, it’s worth all the wait,” said Daphine Thomas.

On Thursday, all that time in court paid off for them when Kelly was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Family members have a final message for Kelly.

“Jesus loves you, and I’ve got to forgive you but I’m angry. I’m angry at him. But I pray he finds Jesus Christ cause gonna need him,” Daphine Thomas said.

“You a coward. Yeah. And I will never forgive you. There’s a lot more I could say bruh,” Richard DeBerry said.

As for their sister…

“I’d tell her I love her and give her a big hug,” DeBerry said.

“ I love you. I miss you and endless other things that I never got to say,” Shamia said.

Charletta Thomas’ siblings said the next step for their family is to honor their sister by directing others stuck in abusive relationships toward help.

Tulsa Family Relieved After Loved One's Murderer Sentenced To Life


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