Tulsa Doctor Weighs in on NY Sleep Study Linking Insomnia to Dementia

KTUL-Tulsa - March 16, 2023 6:42 am

Sleep is more important than ever right now, but the difficulties of getting a good night's rest may be amplified. (Photo: Emily Faber, Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Dr. Roger Wong, an assistant professor of Public Health and Preventative Medicine at SUNY Upstate, has been conducting a study in NY on the link between insomnia to dementia.

Wong observed from his study, and other studies, show that sleep plays a key factor in dementia and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Attending Vascular Neurologist for Ascension St. John Medical Center Dr. Rahul H. Rahangdale from Tulsa stated sleep “plays a crucial role in brain development”.

Dr. Rahangdale explained further that a developed brain needs roughly seven hours of sleep, as it maintains the brain’s chemistry.

He said that brain proteins such as beta-amyloid and tau can influence the brain’s risk of developing dementia.

“These proteins are primarily linked to the most common and well-known cause of dementia, Alzhemimers disease. Less or excessive sleep raises these protein levels and may put you at higher risk for developing dementia as early as in your 40s,” said Rahangdale.

Rahangdale said it’s important for people to obtain an official diagnosis of their sleep disorder for the right treatment.

“There are various types of sleep disorders, and almost all of them are treatable. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type and can be treated by using CPAP,” he said.

If someone experiences sleep apnea or problems sleeping, Rahangdale encourages consultation with a doctor for a sleep study and to avoid over-the-counter sleep aid medications to avoid worsening insomnia.

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