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He’s known all over the country, but he’s one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons. So it only makes sense that Troy Aikman came to Oklahoma City, to launch his latest venture.

“I think a lot of who I am and what I believe was shaped during my years in Henrietta Oklahoma,” said Aikman.

He spent 12 years as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and after six Pro Bowl appearances and three Super Bowl titles, the NFL broadcaster has set out on his new adventure. “The genesis of it was really just me thinking I could make a beer that was better for you, than what was on the market,” said Aikman.

He wanted a beer that wasn’t counterproductive to his healthy lifestyle. “I’ve always worked out, lifelong athlete, I’ve kept up with it even after I retired and you know I like beer, and I just thought that the market needed something better for you,” said Aikman.

He also took notice of the overall health trends around the country. “I think if you go through any grocery store isle, there is a section within any isle that’s better for you,” said Aikman.

In 2022 he launched his “Eight” beer in Texas. “You know we call it light beer done right and the reason is it is all organic grains, one hundred percent organic grains,” said Aikman.

With no syrups, sugars, corn, or rice the beer is only ninety calories and around two carbs. “It tastes fantastic, I think that is obviously the most important part is that it tastes good, and it tastes like a real beer,” said Aikman.

Launching the beer was a challenge for the quarterback, simply because there are already so many beer options. “The beer category is certainly competitive, but when you get into the light beer category it is even more competitive,” said Aikman.

After a successful Texas campaign, it was only natural to bring the beer home to Oklahoma. “An adjoining state, easy. The fact that I’m from here, my hometown being Henrietta Oklahoma,” said Aikman.

The decision to bring the beer to Oklahoma we both business and personal. “Right now, we’re going to focus on Texas and Oklahoma, we thought Oklahoma was natural for us,” said Aikman.

Eight Beer is currently available all over the state.


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