Treasurer cautions of unclaimed property scam

Team Radio Marketing Group - August 9, 2017 2:39 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Treasurer Ken Miller is cautioning Oklahomans about a website that tries to get people to pay a fee to claim their lost money. The website,, attempts to get consumers to pay fees of up to $29.99 per month to search for and claim their unclaimed property.

“Our service is free and always has been,” Miller said. “Any business that tries to get you to pay for it is preying on the ill-informed. Please don’t become a victim by paying for what we do for free.”

Miller’s office has heard from several Oklahomans who have fallen victim to this scam.

The Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Program is a division of State Treasurer’s Office at the State Capitol building. Its website,, lets people search the unclaimed property list and initiate a claim at no charge.

The office is holding more than $585 million for almost 1 million Oklahomans. In the past four years, the division has, for free, reunited more than 55,000 Oklahomans with $134.6 million, an average of more than $33.6 million per year.


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