Things to consider before adventuring out in the heat

Ponca City Now - July 9, 2014 6:35 am

Oklahoma summer is in full swing, which means the temperatures are hitting all-time highs. Our state is known for its hot summers and we have to remember the heat can be dangerous. Heat related illnesses can range from a serious heat stroke to minor heat rashes. And Kelsey Wagoner with the Ponca City American Red Cross provided suggestions on how to avoid these illnesses.

" I think the most important thing is to stay well hydrated," Wagoner said. "Drink plenty of fluids, try to avoid caffeine and alcohol, wear lose fitted clothing, if you have to go outside do it in small intervals."

Symptoms for these illnesses can vary. For example, confusion, fainting, seizures or excessive sweating are all symptoms of a heat stroke. If someone is having these symptoms call 911, then make sure the person is in a cool area, remove outer clothing and provide fluids.

Despite the 90 plus degrees temperatures, many optimize on summer as the time to be outside. You start seeing things like more runners on the streets and families in the park. Wagoner said everyone just needs to take the heat into consideration when heading outside.

“If you have to go out and run, try to do it early in the morning before the heat gets on," Wagoner said. "If you do have to be outside, if you have to go run make sure and be well hydrated and wear sunscreen. Try to stay in the shade if you can.”

The same rules apply to families going to the park or doing any outdoor activity.

Wagoner also said to check on elderly relatives and neighbors. Make sure their air conditioner is running properly and that they are cool enough. Furthermore, don’t forget about your pets. Don’t keep them in the car on hot days and only keep them outside for short times.


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