The Wildcat Swim Team is Currently 4-2; Lady Cats are 3-3.

Baverly Cantrell - November 22, 2021 3:38 pm

Ponca City Public Schools-
After the swim meet was held last Thursday against Bethany, the Wildcat swim team is currently 4-2 and the Lady Cats are 3-3. Swim results are:
Team Scores
Ponca City- 80
Bethany- 24
Individual Results
200 Medley Relay- 1st Journey King, Mattie Shearer, Jessalyn Carpenter, and Rylee Strah
200 Freestyle- 1st Journey King
200 Individual Medley- 1st Rylee Strah
50 Freestlye- 1st Jessalyn Carpenter, 2nd Mattie Shearer, 3rd Lindsay Alvarez, 4th Aubrey Logan, 5th Alyssa Cannon, and 11th Alexis Reed
100 Butterfly- 1st Jessalyn Carpenter
100 Freestlye- 1st Rylee Strah, 2nd Lindsay Alvarez, 3rd Aubrey Logan, and 5th Alexis Reed
500 Freestyle- 1st Alyssa Sullivan
200 Freestyle Relay- 1st Mattie Shearer, Rylee Strah, Journey King, and Jessalyn Carpenter, 2nd Alyssa Sullivan, Alyssa Cannon, Lindsay Alvarez, Aubrey Logan
100 Backstroke- 1st Journey King and 3rd Alyssa Cannon
100 Breastroke- 1st Mattie Shearer and 2nd Alyssa Sullivan
400 Freestyle Relay- 1st Lindsay Alvarez, Alyssa Sullivan, Alyssa Cannon, and Aubrey Logan
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Team Scores
Ponca City 86
Bethany- 24
200 Medley Relay- 1st Kyle King, Braden Stewart, Timothy Crank, and Max Engster
200 Freestyle- 1st Riley Ladner
200 Indivudual Medley- 1st Kyle King and 2nd Tilmann Lauterbach
50 Freestyle- 1st Max Engster, 2nd Tanner Estes, 3rd Coby Allensworth, 6th Tristin Feather, and 7th Kendell Dugosh
100 Butterfly- 1st Timothy Crank
100 Freestyle- 1st Max Engster, 2nd Kyle King, 3rd Braden Stewart, 4th Coby Allensworth, 8th Tristin Feathers, 9th Saxxon Lorett
500 Freestlye- 1st Riley Ladner and 2nd Saxxon Lorett
200 Freestyle Relay- 1st Kyle King, Timothy Crank, Tanner Estes, and Max Engster and 2nd Coby Allensworth, Riley Ladner, Tilmann Lauterbach, and Braden Stewart
100 Backstroke- 1st Tanner Estes
100 Breastroke- 1st Braden Stewart, 2nd Timothy Crank, 4th Tilmann Lauterbach, and 6th Kendell Dugosh
400 Freestyle Relay- 1st Coby Allensworth, Tilmann Lauterbach, Tristin Feathers, and Riley Ladner
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