Tax season tips

Ponca City Now - March 3, 2014 6:24 am

As if winter can’t get any worse, it also means tax season.

Tax season opens Jan. 31 and ends April 15, meaning you have a little over a month left to file.

I spoke with Richard Heinrichs, H&R Block franchise owner and he said you can get an extension.

“There is an automatic extension that can be done that extends the time to file until Oct.15, Heinrichs said. " Now that extends the time to file, does not extend the time to pay. A lot of people get that confused. The IRS, as well as Oklahoma want you to have at least 90 percent of your tax liability paid in by April the 15.”

Heinrichs said there are not any new deductions this year.

He also said there are a lot of things you need to file your taxes.

“They need to make sure to bring in all of their income items, income statements, W-2s, 1099s, 1099-Rs, 1099-INTs, 1099 everything," Heinrichs said."Need to make sure we know the correct social security numbers of all their dependents and dates of birth. All of that information is extremely vital when doing a tax return.”

He also wants to remind everyone that if you don’t have health insurance by Mar. 31 there will be a fine on your return next year.


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