Survey Finds Oklahoma Has Fourth-Angriest Drivers in U.S.

KTUL-Tulsa - September 19, 2022 6:33 am

A new survey suggests Oklahoma has some of America’s angriest drivers.

The research, conducted by Forbes Advisor, finds Oklahoma drivers are the fourth-most confrontational in the United States. It also concluded 85 percent of Americans experience road rage on a regular basis. But Oklahomans seem surprised 15 percent of people don’t.

“Yeah, actually, today I pulled out from my neighborhood and somebody laid on their horn at me,” said one Tulsa resident.

Oklahomans have seen it all, and they haven’t seen it elsewhere.

“I’m actually from Oregon,” said a new resident, “and it seems out here, people are definitely angrier in general.”

Almost everyone has experienced road rage in Oklahoma. After all, there’s more of it than in 46 other states.

69% of Oklahomans reported being honked at by other drivers. 66% have been tailgated. 52% have received rude gestures.

Oklahomans are six percent more likely to experience those behaviors than the national average.

There are two areas where Oklahoma moves up to third in the nation. 43% of Oklahomans reported other drivers speeding up to prevent them from changing lanes. Frighteningly, nine percent of Oklahomans said another driver has attempted to run them off the road.

Minor disagreements over the rules of the road can snowball. On August 19th, a Tulsa woman was shot and killed in a road rage incident. The consequences aren’t always that dire, but they can be costly. 20% of Americans said they’ve lost control of their vehicle due to road rage.

However, there’s one interesting wrinkle to the survey. 20% of Oklahomans said they have been injured in a road rage incident. But the national average is 23%.


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