News 9 - January 18, 2024 6:01 am

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt


Governor Stitt has called for a special session on Jan. 29, seeking to reduce personal income tax by .25 percent for Oklahomans.

“From day one, I’ve called on the Legislature to give Oklahomans a much deserved tax cut,” said Governor Stitt. “With record-breaking savings and a strong economic outlook, there’s not time like the present to deliver a pay raise to all Oklahomans. Let’s get this across the finish line before we head into regular session.”

Stitt has made lowering taxes in various ways a priority during his tenure. The success of his pushes have varied.


Oklahoma Gov. Wants Lawmakers To Start Path To Zero Income Tax; Session Ends With No Vote

Lawmakers Return To Capitol For Special Session On Tax Cuts

Democratic House Leader Cynci Munson is questioning Stitt’s special session, calling it “wasteful.”

“The Governor’s call for a Special Session to cut income taxes is just his latest political stunt, and it is not a genuine attempt to lower costs for Oklahoma families. We have not even completed our agency budget hearings to gain a comprehensive understanding of our state’s fiscal picture, including the potential loss of federal dollars post-Covid.

We will have four months beginning February 5 to deliberate fiscal and policy ideas. Our job as legislators is to work through these important issues, as we are called to do every year. Instead, the Governor is asking us to waste time and taxpayer dollars by throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. It is unwise and fiscally irresponsible to ask the Legislature to haphazardly cut revenue.

Why does the Governor insist we keep doing what we’ve been doing when it hasn’t worked? It is time to invest in Oklahoma.”

House Speaker Charles McCall says the republicans will use this special session for its intended purpose.

“House Republicans will do their constitutional duty and answer the governor’s call to special session. We will be ready to pass meaningful tax relief legislation for the hardworking people of Oklahoma as we previously have in multiple special and regular sessions,” McCall said.

Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, however, agrees that the session is wasteful.

“It is disappointing the governor would call another special session,” Pro Tem Treat said. “I met with the governor and Speaker McCall Thursday. The governor laid out his intentions for a special session regarding tax cuts. I outlined to the governor, we will not know how much money the state will have to spend on a tax cut until the Board of Equalization meets to certify budget numbers in mid-February.

“It is unfortunate the governor has chosen this route. The Senate will adhere to the call of the special session, as we have always done to respect and uphold our constitutional duty. However, I do not know what will be different between the last week in January and the last time he pulled this stunt in October.”


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