Stillwater Nurses Protest Federal Vaccine Mandate

Beverly Cantrell - November 22, 2021 6:48 am

Oklahoma health care workers are protesting the approaching hospital vaccine mandate, including nurses at Stillwater Medical Center on Saturday.

“We were given notice last week that we have until Dec. 6 to get the first vaccine. And if we don’t have the first vaccine by then, we no longer have a job,” said Joni O’Neil, a board-certified nurse coach.

Nurses at Stillwater Medical Center say they’re not protesting the hospital, but rather the federal government’s orders.

“I believe we have the individual right to decide what will happen to our bodies,” O’Neil said.

Many hospitals across the country are already dealing with a staffing shortage. Nurses who do not want to get the shot are prepared to lose their jobs.

The Biden administration says it’s mandating vaccines to fight COVID-19, protect workers, prevent hospitalizations, save lives, and strengthen the economy.


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