Stillwater High School Band Invited To Perform At Carnegie Hall

News 9 - April 13, 2022 9:49 pm

STILLWATER, Oklahoma – 

The Stillwater High School Band is on their way to perform at one of the biggest stages in the country, the world famous, Carnegie Hall.

“So many great musicians have played there before, so it’s a huge honor for us to be there in the first place,” said senior band student Lenna Abouzahr.

Band director Kevin Zamborsky knew there was something special about this year’s band.

“They work really hard, and I’m just incredibly proud of how far they’ve come and overcome the last two years and that we’re able to achieve this high honor is just very exciting for us,” said Zamborsky.

They are one of three bands selected for the iconic performance.

“There’s a band from Florida who’s also playing and another band from a private school in Canada. We hope that we represent Oklahoma very proudly at Carnegie Hall,” said Zamborsky.

But do the students understand the honor of performing in such an iconic hall?

“It’s an amazing experience for the kids. It’s one of those things that you can describe to them, but until they get out there on the stage and experience it for themselves, they really don’t know what they are in for,” said Zamborsky.

“Hundreds of great musicians and orchestras have played at Carnegie Hall. It’s something I’m still trying to accept, and the other band members are trying to get used to,” said band member Jackson Joyce.

Are they ready and excited for such a big stage?

“I didn’t think that a band like us could do it, but we’ve really worked up to the point where we need to be and I think we’re going to sound great when we get there,” said Abouzahr.

Mr. Zamborsky has taken a band to perform at Carnegie Hall in the past and says it definitely lives up to the reputation.

“The ring in the hall is beautiful and it comes back and gives you a nice little kiss on the cheek,” said Zamborsky.

The National Association for Music Merchants just recognized Stillwater as a 2022 best community for music education. Out of 738 school districts around the country only two were selected in the state of Oklahoma.

Stillwater High School Band Invited To Perform At Carnegie Hall


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