State offers tips for home insurance claims following snowstorm

Mike Seals - February 18, 2021 10:43 pm

by: Adam Snider

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In the coming days and weeks, Oklahoma will thaw out and the scope of home damage will truly come into focus.

Whether it be leaking roofs thanks to weight of snow, ice dams, or bursting pipes, the cost to fix all of this will truly be staggering.

Glen Mulready, Insurance Commissioner for the state says homeowners should read up on their policies. He says many policies will cover damage caused by the weight of ice and snow, and the damage caused by burst pipes.

The pipes themselves though are a different story.

“The company won’t pay to repair your pipe, they will pay for the damage that then ensues,” said Mulready. “But if you’ve got a houseful of broken pipes, that could get costly with plumbers cost.”

But what about renters? What about apartments? Many facilities REQUIRE renter’s insurance.

That insurance though will only cover damage to your personal belongings. Fixing any leaky roofs, pipes etc., will be up to the apartment and THEIR insurance.

“Just covers your personal property,” said Commissioner Mulready. “So it’s not gonna cover anything to do with the building or the damage to the ceiling.”

Once you’re able, Mulready advises folks to assess the situation thoroughly.

Where possible, mitigate damage to prevent further issues, and take all photos possible.

“The other thing we always say is document, document, document,” said Mulready. “Take pictures of the damage, of the broken pipe if that is the case, of the damage done to the building. Pictures, documents, the more the better.”

He also advises you keep any and all receipts of damage mitigation you may have to do. These measures could be covered by your policy.

“If you encounters extra expenses to do that, like a tarp on your roof or things like that, that would be covered by your home owner’s policy,” said Mulready.

Lastly, know that this will be a long process, as damage is spread literally statewide.

Homeowners should know that this process, might likely be very delayed.

Commissioner Mulready though has signed an emergency declaration, allowing for emergency licenses to be issued to qualified adjusters.

As always, watch for suspect, out-of-town contractors who could be shopping for business in your neighborhoods.

Do your research.

Always check references, and do not be pressured into a accepting a deal on the spot.


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