State Lawmakers Pass Resolution Standing With Ukraine

Beverly Cantrell - March 1, 2022 9:17 am

Oklahomans are coming together to stand with Ukraine.

On Monday the state Senate passed a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion and supporting Ukrainians in Oklahoma and those fighting for their country.

In a powerful moment on the Senate Floor, state lawmakers recognized and applauded a group of people from a Ukrainian church in Jones.

“All of us have families there. All of us have relatives,” Andiy, one of the church members from Ukraine said. “So my school is gone. One of the houses very close to mine was hit with a rocket.

After seeing the videos and images of the violence in Ukraine, Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat, (R)-Oklahoma City, said a few senators wanted to make a stand.

“The violent and illegal actions of Russia can’t be tolerated, and the people of Oklahoma have a long history with Ukrainians,” Sen. Treat said. “And we wanted to celebrate and honor that long history, but also condemn the actions of Russia.”

For Sen. Roger Thompson, (R)-Okemah, who was a missionary in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union, the resolution hits home.

“It’s interesting for me that whenever I watch the news and see the streets that the tanks are traveling down in Kyiv or Kharkiv, are the same streets that my wife and I have walked down and visited with people and cared for people,” Sen Thompson said. “So this is very personal to me.”

Not only are the lawmakers siding with Ukrainians defending their country, but also those who have contributed to making our home a better place.

“As a nation of immigrants we have immigrants from all over the globe, and Ukraine is no exception,” Sen. Treat said. “In the early 1900’s part of eastern Oklahoma County, part of southeastern Oklahoma was founded by Ukrainian people. Work ethic, pride, the same thing the determination that you see in the people of Ukraine to defend their homeland helped build the state of Oklahoma.”

As Ukrainian Pastor Stepan Bilogan reflected on his country and people, he hoped that someday the skies are silent again.

(Translated) “The father says the best weapon we have is the prayers for the peace and quiet.”

Senate President Pro Tem Treat added that the goal of the resolution was to make sure Oklahomans have a voice, and know that their lawmakers are also supporting a country that values freedom.


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