Spring Cleanup scheduled for March 28-April 4

Ponca City Now - March 25, 2020 4:56 pm

Spring Cleanup will be held March 28 thru April 4 for Ponca City residents.

Solid Waste crews will pick up most trash and haul it away, or residents can haul it to the landfill themselves and get rid of it for free. City Collections Crews will pick up any extra items placed in your regular pickup area EXCEPT the following:

 Poisons, acids, and caustics

 Car batteries

 Explosives

 Body wastes

 Large bulky objects such as automobile frames

 Tires

 Items or materials containing Freon, PCB, etc.

 Items that could cause damage to collection equipment or personal injury to collectors

 Dirt, rocks, concrete and other debris resulting from construction or demolition

 Dead animals, animal excreta, etc. that has not been wrapped and tightly sealed in moisture proof wrapping

 Logs greater than 8 inches in diameter and longer than 4 feet or weighing more than 75 pounds

 Brush that is not bundled, longer than 4 feet in length and weighing more than 75 pounds

 Containers larger than 35 gallons

Landfill Dumping Guidelines

Citizens must show a current PCUA Utility Bill WITH TRASH SERVICE. The address on the PCUA bill and their driver’s license must match!

In an effort to discourage unauthorized commercial dumping, vehicles larger than a pickup or trailer will be charged standard landfill fees. There is a limit of 6 loads per resident. Loads are defined as: Pickup bed = 1 load Pickup bed+ single axle trailer = 2 loads Pickup bed+ double axel trailer = 3 loads

Tires During the Annual Spring Clean-Up, the Landfill will accept tires that are 24 inches or smaller. Tires on rims, tractor tires, and heavy equipment tires will not be accepted! Tires must be placed in the designated area for tires at the Landfill.

Recycling Center The Recycling Center is located at 1001 W. Prospect and it is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Recycling Center will accept the following items: car batteries, latex paint, clean glass, clean tin cans, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, aluminum cans, books, and mixed metals.

Motor Oil For those wishing to dispose of motor oil, the following merchants will accept it within the limits specified:

 Auto Zone, 2104 N. 14th – Motor oil only. Up to 5 gallons per person, per day.

 O’Reilly Auto Parts, 3019 N. 14th & 104 W. Grand – Motor oil, transmission fluid, and differential grease only. Up to 5 gallons per person, per day.

For anyone who has poisons, antifreeze, or chemicals for disposal, the best suggestion is to store them (following the manufacturer’s directions) until the HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DAY on Saturday, May 30.

Special Pick-ups Trees, brush, construction debris, etc. may be disposed of by calling 767-0411 for a special pickup. Special pickups carry a minimum charge of $39.09 and could be more depending on quantity and items for disposal.

High Grass & Weeds Grass and weeds that exceed 12 inches in height are defined by City codes as a public nuisance. Noncompliance by owners or residents can result in citations. The City also has the right to have the property cleaned; the expense is then billed to the owner.

Overhanging Limbs and Brush All vegetation must be trimmed back to the right-of-way lines, such that free and convenient travel over and along the sidewalk and street or alley is possible. Vegetation shall be trimmed to provide vertical clearance of at least 14 feet above streets and alleys and to at least 8 feet above sidewalks.

The City also has the right to have the right-of-way cleared and the expenses billed to the owner. Also, remember to follow rules regarding tree planting under power lines.

Nuisance Vehicles Abandoned, junked, inoperable, or untagged vehicles are not allowed on private property unless they are enclosed in a building. Vehicles that violate these standards are public nuisances, and can be towed from the property by contractors at the request of Code Enforcement.

Contact: Tim McNew, Solid Waste Superintendent, 767-0411



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