Someone Passing Fake Chamber Bucks

Mike Seals - May 20, 2021 1:09 pm

From the Ponca City Area Chamber of Commerce:

We have an issue with our Chamber Bucks program.

We have someone that is making copies of Chamber Buck Check #177981 and taking them to our businesses.

Several have taken these fake Chamber Bucks not knowing they are not legit. If you see a Chamber Buck with this number do not accept it.

We also had someone try to give a copied chamber buck, they changed, for $100 at a Chamber Business.

The business knew we only have $10 and $25 Chamber Bucks and did not accept it.

Please check the Check number and make sure the Ponca City watermark is on the check.

Also please get their Drivers License and write their name down.

They also need to put their signature on the back of the Chamber Buck.

If you have any questions, please phone our Chamber Office 765-4400.

The Ponca City Police Department is working on this issue and we feel it will be resolved quickly.

Thank you.

We do have some leads on who this person is.


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