Sidewalk projects progressing

Ponca City Now - June 30, 2016 3:31 pm

Ponca City is moving forward with construction, repair and replacement of sidewalks since voters approved using the city’s one-cent street sales tax for sidewalk projects, as well as street construction, in 2012.

Two projects now underway are on South Avenue between Ninth Street and 12th Street and at First Street and Central Avenue.

The South Avenue project is building new sidewalks in an area where none have existed before. Work includes curb ramps at corners.

The Central Avenue and First Street project replaces failed sidewalks and will include new curb and gutter, and curb ramps at the corner.

Ponca City has 140 miles of sidewalks, Traffic Engineering Manager Mike Lane told City Commissioners this week. In order to facilitate timely repairs on sidewalks, City Commissioners voted Monday to approve an authorization to advertise for bids to obtain unit prices for items of work performed for sidewalk maintenance from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31.

This measure would allow contractors to give quantity bids for designated amounts of materials and for certain amounts of work. Work would be packaged in areas of not more than a 500-foot radius for a single project, Lane said. None of the projects would be for more than $50,000, he said, and larger projects would be sent out for bids separately.

Lane said bids would be advertised from June 30 to July 21 and accepted on July 25. Prices would be valid from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31. He said the program will be evaluated in November to see how it is working.

City Manager Craig Stephenson said Ponca City needs to deal with pedestrian traffic as well as vehicle traffic.

"Private residents have been caring more for improved walks," Stephenson said. "That helps improve the appearance of streets and yards."

Lane said the city plans to spend about $100,000 a year on the sidewalk projects.

In a related project, City Commissioners also approved a proposal presented by Assistant City Engineer Tyler Autry to advertise for bids to rebuild the Redbud Walking Trail from East Woodland Road to Hartford Avenue.

The current surface, 2 inches of asphalt, has cracks and is deteriorated in several areas. The trail will be rebuilt with 6-inch concrete, which is expected to have a 40-year life, Autry said.


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