Severe weather possible over next week

Ponca City Now - May 20, 2016 10:51 am

Ponca City’s Emergency Management Director Paula Cain is warning of potentially severe weather for the next week.

"We are looking forward to a week of potential for severe weather to occur somewhere every day," Cain said. "Starting this Saturday evening, conditions in the state will be conducive to all types of severe weather. This will include damaging winds, large hail and yes, tornadoes.

"There is no way I can even begin to tell you what the forecast will be for those seven days except possibly on Saturday evening. On Saturday evening, storms are expected mostly in far western Oklahoma with a very low tornado risk. Sunday the storm activity could move further to east," she said.

Cain said the NWS Norman Warning Coordinator issued this statement:

Our weather pattern is about to change, reminding us that is it still May and still severe weather season. Some part of our area will see a chance of severe thunderstorms beginning Saturday and continuing at least through next Thursday. Of course, not everyone will see severe storms every day, and the specific details of each day’s potential will depend on factors that are impossible to predict this far out. We just know the pattern and the basic ingredients will be in place over Oklahoma and North Texas for at least the potential for severe storms Saturday through at least Thursday, May 26.

" Please don’t be one of those people that says ‘it came out of nowhere’ or ‘we had no idea,’" Cain said. "Make sure you have your weather radio plugged in and download a good warning app on you phone. Weather Radio by WDT is a good one, but there are many good ones out there. Make sure to check for updates occasionally, and use your family communication plan to forward new info to your bunch."


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