News 9 - November 2, 2023 6:08 am

Several laws are going into affect today across the state of Oklahoma, with a large chunk of the new laws dedicated to education and public safety.

Three of the new laws will affect the state’s education system. The first will ensure schools include in their curriculum the civil rights movement with an emphasis on its foundation in natural law and natural rights principles.

The second law prohibits the appointment of a person to the Oklahoma State Board of Education if that person is already on the board of education for a school district.

The third education law allows for the search of a student’s shoes, hand and head coverings, with exemptions for religious head coverings.

Other new laws outside of education include a new law allowing for the transporting and discharge of a firearm from a vehicle for self defense, and another creates an Orange Alert system within the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

This alert would notify any resident within 40 miles of a corrections facility in the event of an inmate escape.

Another alert system, the Kasey Alert, will operate just like an Amber or Silver Alert, but will be issued out to all law enforcement agencies across the state instead of being kept in tribal jurisdiction.

“This means a lot to the family of Kasey Russell that his name being put to this bill means that his legacy as a Cherokee citizen will go on for as long as this bill goes on,” S.P.I.R.I.T Cofounder Brenda Golden said.

The Kasey Alert initiation ceremony begins at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the State Capitol.

Also taking effect are a handful of traffic laws also going into effect today.

Drivers licenses, tags and ID cards will now be issued by Service Oklahoma, and temporary license plates will now be valid for two months rather than 30 days.

Drivers could also now face a $10,000 fine if they cause the death of a first responder by not moving over while driving.

Oklahoma is also now the first state in the nation to require teenage drivers to take a work zone safety course, with all teens aged 15 through 19 being required to take the course before applying for their intermediate drivers license.

The course is free, and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

A completion certificate will be issued following completion of the course and must be submitted to Service Oklahoma in order to obtain an intermediate license.


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