Senator Coleman comments on the implementation of Constitutional Carry

Team Radio Marketing Group - November 1, 2019 5:48 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senator Bill Coleman released the following statement on the implementation of House Bill 2597, also known as “Constitutional Carry.”

“Constitutional carry ensures the government doesn’t impose a barrier to Oklahomans’ right, as law-abiding citizens, to carry a firearm for self-defense or the defense of their families. Certainly, I encourage training for those who carry and use weapons, but I am glad our state continues to respect and affirm our Second Amendment rights.

“There has been some confusion concerning this new law that I’d like to clarify.  The word ‘carry’ does not mean you can literally carry a gun around in your hands. By law, any firearm that you ‘carry’ must be holstered or slung if it is not concealed.  It is against the law to ‘brandish’ or have it in your hand or hands.  Furthermore, it is a felony to point a firearm at another person. As we move forward, I hope Oklahomans fully understand this law to not only protect themselves but others as well.  This is one reason training is very important.”

House Bill 2597
Allows Oklahoma citizens age 21 or older to carry a firearm in public without a permit, and allows active duty military personnel or veterans age 18 or over to carry a firearm in public without a permit.

  • Prohibits felons, illegal aliens, persons adjudicated with mental illness or those with domestic violence convictions from carrying a firearm
  • Allows private property owners to prohibit customers and guests from carrying firearms on that property
  • Allows public and private colleges and universities and government buildings to prohibit students, employees and guests from carrying firearms on that property
  • Keeps in place current law that requires a background check for the purchase of a firearm
  • Keeps in place current training and licensing program for those who want to obtain a permit for the purpose of reciprocity in other states

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