Senate resolution recognizes the impact of diabetes

Mike Seals - April 21, 2021 10:02 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY –  The full Senate unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the impact of diabetes in the state and supporting increased health outcomes for those suffering with the disease.

Authored by Sen. Carri Hicks, D-Oklahoma City, co-chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Diabetes Caucus, the resolution states there are more than 356,000 Oklahomans living with diabetes and declares their care as preventative care.

“The bottom line is, those with diabetes have the right to access affordable health care, insulin and other medications needed to live a healthy and enjoyable life,” Hicks said. “We must do all we can to ensure a high quality of life for many of our fellow Oklahomans living with this life-long medical condition. I’m proud to stand with my Senate colleagues to support the diabetes community and work for legislation to address inadequacies in diabetes care.”

The resolution also detailed the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the diabetes community, stating Americans with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, are hospitalized with COVID-19 six times more often than those without.

“Ensuring those with diabetes have proper care and access to the medications they need is crucial to a long, happy life,” said Sen. Frank Simpson, R-Springer, co-chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Diabetes Caucus. “While resolutions don’t hold the weight of law, I’m glad to see my colleagues recognize the importance of making sure those with diabetes are equipped with the resources they need to take care of their health.”

For more information, contact:
Sen. Carri Hicks: 405-521-5543 or [email protected]
Sen. Frank Simpson: 405-521-5607 or [email protected]


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