Sen. Rosino’s anti-doxing bill clears Senate

Mike Seals - March 1, 2021 10:11 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill to make it illegal to “dox” an Oklahoma law enforcement officer is now one step closer to becoming law. Senate Bill 6, by Sen. Paul Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, was approved by the full Senate on Monday.

Doxing refers to using the internet to research and post documents or other material to intimidate, attack or harass an individual.  Rosino said it’s a form of harassment that can put an officer or their family in danger.

“Whether someone is a police officer, a deputy, a trooper or an undercover agent for the Bureau of Narcotics, they know there’s a risk with every call, every case—it goes with the job,” Rosino said.  “But they did not sign on to be harassed on the internet, with personal information about themselves and their family members posted for anyone to see, including home addresses, phone numbers and other private information that could leave them vulnerable to being threatened, stalked or something much worse.”

Under SB 6, it would be illegal to publish identifying information of a law enforcement officer with the intent to threaten, intimidate, harass, or stalk, causing or attempting to cause substantial emotional distress or financial loss to the officer or their family, household member or intimate partner. Personally identifiable information would include things like addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers.

Conviction for a first offense would be a misdemeanor, while a second or subsequent conviction would be a felony.

The measure next moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

For more information, contact:  Sen. Paul Rosino at 405-521-5618 or email [email protected].


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