Schools need more PIE partners

Ponca City Now - July 13, 2016 9:55 am

This list was put together at the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce's PIE Partner wrap up meeting for the 2015-2016 school year. It shows what Chamber Member businesses did for the children of Ponca City.

We could always use more PIE Partners. Would your business consider being a PIE Partner for the 2016-2017 school year? Every little bit helps. Please phone the Chamber Office to sign up 765-4400.

The PIE Partner Program truly has an amazing impact on the children of Ponca City. This is a project of the Education and Workforce Development Committee. Diane Anderson with Phillips 66 is the Chair for the committee and Adam Leaming with the University Center is the Chair for the PIE Partners program. This is an awesome Chamber program helping make the schools of Ponca City to be the best in Oklahoma.

PIE Partner Report for School Year 2015-2016:

First Lutheran Elementary School

  • Drug Awareness Materials

  • Torch and Medals for Olympic Celebration

  • Student Council Supplies and Competitions

  • Provided after school tutoring two days a week

  • Chair massages for Teacher Appreciation

  • Interpreter for hearing impaired Family at Events/Conference

  • Academic Bowl entry fee

  • Accelerated reading prizes

  • Volunteer appreciation brunch

Garfield Elementary School

  • Donated $400 to purchase certificates for quarterly awards

  • Provided Sonic cards and candy to the students at Christmas

  • Provided Chamber Bucks to all of the staff at Christmas

  • Provided snacks and lunch on Teacher Appreciation Week along with $10 in Chamber Bucks

  • Provided 45 pizzas for Family Bingo Night

  • Sponsored an in-town field trip to go bowling and have pizza

  • Provided volunteers

  • Provided assistance with the STEM activities

  • Received funds to pay for field trips, rockets for 5th grade students and an end-of-the-year party

Liberty Elementary School

  • Provided meals for conferences

  • Donate $100 to both TOY and teacher appreciation

  • Donated gift cards for all the staff at Christmas

  • Donated items for Bingo night

  • Helped judge their Read across America door contest

  • Helped with getting quotes and donations for a Liberty track

Lincoln Elementary School

  • Provided meals during conferences

  • Bought T-shirts for track celebrations

  • Christmas bag for all students and a visit from Santa

  • Provided meals for Staff Appreciation Week

  • Apples for teachers

  • Bought two bikes for attendance incentives

  • Bought pedometers for track incentives

  • Provided monitors for state testing

  • Clothing donations

  • Provided tutors for 3rd grade students using CLOSE reading strategy

  • Provided treats on several occasions for staff

  • Provided Kleenex and school supplies

  • Donated a $400 gift card for student clothing

  • Donated new coats for students

McCord Elementary School

  • Multiple food items including snacks, fruit and candy

  • Baking items for experiments

Roosevelt Elementary School

  • Running shirts

  • Pizza gift certificates

  • Meat for Spaghetti Dinner

  • Give away goodies for teachers

  • Drawing for Rustic Cuff bracelets

  • Food coupons

  • Various school supplies

  • 70 best novels, Driving range & Golf Tri

  • Matching grant money

  • Weekly reading volunteers

St. Mary's Catholic School

  • Provided donations for the Fall Fest

  • Provided personalized pencil sets for each of the students for Christmas

  • Provided a bus for all students grades 5th-8th grade to attend the Thunder Blue Education Day

Trout Elementary School

  • Provided reading mentors for students

  • Helped with the daily collection of coins donated by students for United Way

  • Provided food to teachers during conferences

  • Provided water bottles for every student

  • Provided a water cooler systems and water for the staff lounge

  • Provided medals for students with perfect attendance

Union Elementary School

  • Dice and cards for Family Math Night

  • Donations and volunteers for 5th grade graduation

  • Provided help with front flower beds

  • Provided help with the process of installing handicap accessible playground equipment

  • Volunteers for Dad's Reading Day

  • Volunteers for Celebration of Learning

  • Turkeys for Family Bingo for Turkeys night

  • Provided lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Provided money incentive prizes for One Book One District

  • Provided chips and salsa for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Donations to the Bulldog Buck Store

  • Provided trikes for students who have trouble with mobility

  • Provided a sensory board and kits

  • Provided donations for the playground equipment

Woodlands Elementary School

  • Donated to the Silent Auction for Family Fun Night

  • Prizes for Math and Literacy Night

  • Brace Books gift cards for Cricket in Times Square drawings

  • Prizes for Bingo Night

  • Teacher's breakfast for their first day back to work

  • Helped pay for the bounce houses for Family Fun Night

  • Brought Santa Claus to visit at Christmas

  • Provided eleven community readers

  • Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Speakers for 3rd grade classes on "Teach Your Child to Save Day"

  • DJ Sean Anderson for Family Fun Night

  • DJ Sean Anderson for Bingo Night

Teen Pep

  • Donated diapers and wipes to start the school year

  • Provided desserts and meats at their Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Provided help to plan and execute their speaker series for the 2nd semester

  • Helped provide a diaper drive and collected funds towards their graduation reception

  • Provided a sponsor for their graduation luncheon

  • Provided water and fruits for the last few weeks of school

  • Donated $1000 dollars

  • Volunteers for test monitoring and to staff the store

  • Donated coats at Christmas

  • Donated kitchen supplies

Kildare Elementary School

  • Donated items for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Donated items for their Fall Festival

  • Discounted plumbing work

  • Free bowling

  • Volunteers

Marland Children's Home

  • Dodgeballs for gym class

  • Gift cards for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Gift cards for top students in each subject

  • Birthday card/gift card for each child on their birthday

  • Help with the rental of two giant inflatable waterslides for the end of school bash

  • Towel/washcloth for each child during the "Splish Splash" Campaign

Ponca City Christian Academy

  • Speakers and microphones for two major fundraisers

  • Items for the BBQ Bash Auction

  • Speaker for one of their chapel times

West Middle School

  • Provided incentive items for students

  • Donations for their food bank

  • Provided assistance with All Staff Christmas Dinner

  • Provided donations for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Provided a cake for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Financial donation for gym floor project

East Middle School

  • Provided T-shirts for staff and students participating in the October Challenge Day

  • Two employees participated with our students in the Challenge Day Event

  • Sonic cards for monthly Teacher Recognition and student awards

  • Provided monitors for OCCT testing

  • Provided snacks students

Wildcat Academy

  • Provided toiletries for the food pantry

  • Provided gifts for student of the month

  • Provided gift cards as incentive rewards

  • Provided a donation for a field trip

  • Helped get donations for a field trip

  • Served as a mentor for students

  • Provided gift cards for teachers

  • College visits

  • Company visits

  • MET lab visit

Ponca City High School

  • Mid and end of the year classrooms supplies

  • Contributions to Positively PoHi Program

  • Assistance with CPR mandate

  • Support and refreshments for staff

  • Participation and support in career readiness

  • Financial donations

  • Donations for after prom and Great Escape

  • Chorale assistance

  • Fresh water and wastewater tours for earth science class

  • Guest speakers for classes

  • Art Class support

  • Donated parking lot space and guest speakers

  • Movie passes and cookies

  • Several coupons for food, oil changes, bowling passes and car washes

  • Route 44 Sonic drinks for teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week

  • A golf tournament fundraiser and provided speakers

  • Parts for a printing press project and sheets of laminate for student projects



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