News 9 - March 17, 2023 6:54 am

Drugs taken during a traffic stop in Roger's County, Oklahoma included two pounds of fentanyl, enough for 500,000 lethal doses and the meth was enough for 260,000 lethal doses.


Rogers County Deputies said a traffic stop this week led to the biggest meth bust in the history of the county, worth $2.5 million dollars.

Deputies said they found 115 pounds of meth and more than two pounds of fentanyl in the trunk of Tyra Stewart’s car, which they believe came straight from the cartel.

Sheriff Scott Walton said the two pounds of fentanyl is enough for 500,000 lethal doses and the meth was enough for 260,000 lethal doses, which combined could kill the entire population of Rogers County eight times.

Sergeant Ron Walker said this is the largest crystal meth bust he’s had in his 30 years in law enforcement.

“I’m still smiling. I think in Oklahoma there’s been only three bigger than this one,” said Walker.

Walker is specially trained to look for indicators of criminal activity during traffic stops. He said when he pulled over Tyra Stewart for tailgating, she showed all of the signs.

“Continuously scanning the area, moving around, hands shaking badly, she’s fidgeting in her seat,” said Walker.

She told deputies she was following the semi because she was lost and met the driver on the west side of Tulsa, but couldn’t describe what he looked like.

Walker said a K9 alerted to the trunk of her car and that’s when they found duffel bags full of drugs.

“Her story, she said she never opened the trunk of the car, so she had no idea. Someone must have just forgotten the 115 pounds of meth,” said Walker.

Walker said the fentanyl was wrapped in food saver bags, carbon paper, and dipped in hot wax several times.

The meth was wrapped in plastic and covered in axle grease and smelled like Vicks Vapor Rub, Walker said. He believes the drugs came straight from the cartel.

“There’s no profile, no physical profile for what a drug smuggler looks like. I’ve seen them from 18 to 85. I’ve seen every race, creed, religion, sexual orientation,” he said.

Sheriff Scott Walton said these massive drug busts are saving lives like never before.

“This is a pure example, the cleanest example you can see of what open borders and cartel drug trade pushes into Oklahoma and through Oklahoma. To me, we are talking about lives saved here. Sadly enough there is another load behind it,” said Walton.

Deputies said Stewart also had a loaded gun and cash. She swallowed cocaine and had to be taken to the hospital after her arrest, according to deputies.


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