Rep. Dustin Roberts comments on failure of Constitutional Carry repealer

Ponca City Now - February 20, 2020 2:11 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Dustin Roberts (R-Durant) on Thursday commented on the almost unanimous vote against a bill that sought to repeal Constitutional Carry.

House Bill 3357 was heard in the House Public Safety Committee and failed by a vote of 1-12. The bill sought to remove reference to open carry of firearms and return Oklahoma statutes relating to the carrying of firearms to their status prior to the enactment of House Bill 2597, which was signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt last year.

“The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to keep and bear arms without infringement,” said Roberts, who recently was added to the committee. “We already have a number of protections in our law. I was happy to vote against this latest attempt to repeal a law that has been so soundly supported by state citizens, an overwhelming majority of state lawmakers and the governor. ”

State law allows Oklahoma citizens age 21 or older to carry a firearm in public without a permit, and allows active duty military personnel or veterans age 18 or over to carry a firearm in public without a permit. The law prohibits felons, illegal aliens, persons adjudicated with mental illness or those with domestic violence convictions from carrying a firearm.

The law also allows private property owners to prohibit customers and guests from carrying firearms on that property and allows public and private colleges and universities and government buildings to prohibit students, employees and guests from carrying firearms on that property.

Also kept in statute is the requirement of a background check for the purchase of a firearm and current training and licensing programs for those who want to obtain a permit for the purpose of reciprocity in other states.


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