Remembering Caddi the Dog

Beverly Bryant - October 30, 2016 1:38 pm

Caddi Cannon

It’s not too often that news organizations mark the passing of a dog from this life, but Caddi Cannon’s influence stretched far beyond her family circle.

Caddi the Dog was known to much of the Ponca City community as the mascot of Heather Cannon Honda, as well as Heather’s beloved pet.

Caddi was an integral part of the business, working in the showroom as a greeter and companion in the service department and lending her voice to many commercials. She was the mascot since January 2010.



In announcing Caddi’s passing, Heather Cannon posted this on her Facebook page Sunday morning:

“Caddi lived a great fur baby life from November 16, 2009, to October 30, 2016 . Caddi lost her short battle with leptospirosis at 2:46 a.m., at LSU in Baton Rouge, La.

“Caddi had been the Heather Cannon Honda mascot since January of 2010. Her day included car rides, hours laying around at the dealership and greeting customers. Caddi regularly did the Heather Cannon Honda radio and TV commercials. She has been involved in fundraising efforts for the Ponca City Humane society, with the Heather Cannon Honda ride and drive for ‘Caddi’s friends.’

“Her hobbies included long walks, scenic drives, camping, bird chasing, squirrel chasing, flying, boating and jet skiing.

“She is survived by her mama Heather Cannon, sister Caitlin Cannon, her brother Colbert ‘the munchkin cat,’ her pa and daily riding companion Michael Bates, her grandma Lisa Hopkins, Aunt Abby Hand and her entire work family at Heather Cannon Honda, in addition to many others friend and family members.”

Heather Cannon expressed thanks for the efforts of Dr. Margaret Bowman and staff, Dr. Tims and student Katheryn, at Oklahoma State Veterinarian College and Dr. Acierno and staff at Louisiana State Veterinarian college. Caddi will be cremated and returned to Ponca City.

Farewell, our friend.





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