Property Maintenance Code updated; Spring Cleanup and Census coming soon

Ponca City Now - March 10, 2020 1:48 pm

Ponca City’s Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance amending the portion of the City Code governing building codes and regulations at Monday night’s meeting.

The codes and regulations that were adopted are from the 2018 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code. The last verson adopted by Ponca City were from the 2015 Edition.

“Ponca City normally adopts updated codes every three years, after the International codes are reviewed and approved by the OUBCC (Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission),” Development Services Director Chris Henderson said.  “These Codes apply to the construction and remodel to residential and commercial buildings and structures.”

Henderson said there is also a Code specific to the maintenance of such buildings, structures, and premises as well. The International Property Maintenance Code was first created in 2000 to ensure that minimum standards are met to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of citizens who occupy buildings and premises.

“It is an essential tool used to correct and prevent conditions which can adversely affect the quality of life, accelerate building deterioration, and thus produce slums, blight, and crime,” Henderson said.

Henderson also recognized Property Inspector Korey Pruitt, who was recently nationally certified. Fewer than 3 percent of inspectors are nationally certified, he said.

Mayor Homer Nicholson said this was a good  time for residents to “Pretty Up Ponca” again, with the emphasis on property maintenance and the upcoming Spring Cleanup from March 28 through April 4.

Solid Waste crews will pick up most trash and haul it away, or residents can haul it to the landfill themselves and get rid of it for free.

There is information on the City of Ponca City’s website brochure on what will not be picked up. The information is also included in all utility bills from Ponca City.

As part of  the clean-up, the City Wide Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, March 28. For this one day only, the City will waive the regular requirements for a garage sale, including the $5 permit. This garage sale will not count against the two-sales-per-year limit.  Residents are encouraged to put their leftover items at their regular trash pickup spot for proper disposal, or to donate them to a local charity. In case of inclement weather, the sale will be on Saturday, April 4.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection will be Saturday, May 30, this year, rather than in October. The change in dates is due to staffing issues with volunteers in the community. More information will be given in the coming months.


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