Project Tribute Foundation In Bartlesville Helps First Responders Save Lives

News 6 - April 28, 2022 5:56 am


Bartlesville man’s dream of getting life-saving equipment to first responders in Oklahoma is coming true. He created the Project Tribute Foundation last year and since then, they’ve raised $30,000 to help first responders save lives.

They’ve been focusing on giving tourniquets and other medical supplies to local agencies, who are already using that equipment to save lives. The founder said it’s just the beginning.

It’s been about a year since Jon Beckloff’s idea to save lives was brought to life. “We’re able to filter 100 percent of donations into something that can save a life,” said Jon Beckloff.

The original goal of Project Tribute Foundation was to get tourniquets to every single agency in Oklahoma. They’re well on their way to that and they’re doing even more.

“Through just tourniquets we’ve been able to save four lives and this year were trying to expand that with a bigger first aid kit,” Beckloff said.

Hominy Fire Chief Coby Surritte asked for kits and said Beckloff got the funding and sent enough kits to help every single firefighter on Surritte’s team. “Things happen, and when you send somebody off into the woods to put out a fire, you worry about them,” Surritte said.

All types of first responders are helping and getting help — from fire, to EMS, to helicopter medics, police and more. A few weeks ago, the tourniquets saved a life during a double stabbing in Bartlesville.

“Some of our officers had put tourniquets on the people and saved one life and the second, they had given him a fighting chance,” said Bartlesville Police Detective Brett Miquelon.

And it goes well beyond tourniquets. The mission is to purchase anything that will save a life, like bullet proof vests or even training.

“The whole purpose of this was to make sure people are safe so how could you not get behind it,” Det. Miquelon said.

Project Tribute Foundation’s next goal is to raise $600,000 so they’ll be ready to provide any agency with whatever they request. Click here if you’d like to help Project Tribute.


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