Pro-Life Advocate Scales Devon Tower, Arrested When He Gets To The Top

News 6 - June 15, 2022 5:54 am


A crazy scene unfolded in downtown Oklahoma City Tuesday morning. Oklahoma City police quickly arrested a man who free climbed the Devon Tower.

“That’s what I was thinking the whole time in the back of the police car. I’m like I offered to shoot something for this guy that seems super cool, and you know this could get me into trouble, ” said David, who was enlisted to film the stunt Monday.

The camera man said the climber didn’t tell him what he wanted filmed, just to show up around 8 a.m. Then the climber took off, up the Devon Tower.

The reason behind the ascent; the climber, Maison Des Champs, calls himself the pro-life Spiderman. He’s done this before in other cities for his cause. After the nearly 90-minute free climb police walked him down in handcuffs.

“He’s like bro you better come here tomorrow something crazy’s about to happen. I’m Spiderman,” explained David, who wished to withhold his last name.

A bird’s eye view of Downtown OKC came right from 22-year-old Maison Des Champs own phone as he white knuckled the railing with the other hand.

“He got on top of that Devon column and from there he jumped on, grabbed the rails like a monkey then he just climbed the whole thing,” said David.

Police quickly showed up.

“I pulled out my drone, got some footage of the whole thing. The police saw me. They chased me down and threw me in the car,” David said.

Oklahoma City Fire got to the scene when Des Champs was at about the 10th floor.

“So that was just beyond the reach of our tallest ladder which is 100 feet,” explained OCPD Cpt. Scott Douglas.

So, everyone, first responders included just sat, waited, and hoped Des Champs didn’t misstep.

Pro-Life Advocate Scales Devon Tower, Arrested When He Gets To The Top 

“It is a very windy day. So, I can only imagine how windy it was at that height. With him being up there it was very scary to watch,” explained OCPD Cpt. Valerie Littlejohn. Cpt. Douglas added, “we did put guys on the roof; we had guys on the floor, and we also had guys on the floors trying to communicate with him as he was climbing trying to tell him the safest route.”

Emergency crews did clear a safety zone in case Des Champs, or his gear didn’t make it to the top.

“He kept reaching – which now we know was a bag of powder. We weren’t sure what he had in his hands we just wanted to keep everybody back to protect everybody on the ground from any falling objects,” said Cpt. Douglas.

Police arrested Des Champs on trespassing complaints.


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