Potential Severe Storms, Hail, Wind, Today and Tonight

Mike Seals - May 26, 2021 11:00 pm



Today (Thursday) will be the day to watch for potential bad weather.

First, tornadoes will be more limited than not. We will have some very tornado supporting conditions today, but others will be missing, especially in the upper levels.

The area most likely to have tornadoes has been moved a little further south out of Kay County.

We are in the area for very large hail between 7 and 9 pm tonight. Below is the best graphic I’ve seen today. Clearly with severe weather, all things are NOT equal.

What north central Oklahoma has in store for today is very large hail (baseball-sized and larger) and dangerous straight winds over 80 mph.

I would highly recommend securing outdoor items.

Not only does your stuff get lost or damaged, but it also becomes dangerous to others.

We will also have an elevated flash flood chances. Storms could start to fire up as early as 2 pm, and heavy rain could continue through the night.




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