Portion Of Hwy 169 Renamed In Honor Of Fallen Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson

Beverly Cantrell - November 4, 2021 9:49 am

TULSA, Oklahoma – News 6

A stretch of a Tulsa Highway has been named in honor of fallen Tulsa Police Officer, Sergeant Craig Johnson.

“Sergeant Craig Johnson Memorial Highway” is on Highway 169 from 51st to 81st, in the Union School District where he went to school.

Speakers at Wednesday’s ceremony say this is never something they want to have to do because it usually means there’s been a tragedy.

But, they say naming the highway, helps to ensure, Johnson’s service to Tulsa is never forgotten.

“It’s a great gesture for a hero in our community,” Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said.

This week, Senate Bill 624 officially turned the stretch of Highway 169 into the “Sergeant Craig Johnson Memorial Highway” and on Wednesday, Craig’s family, friends and fellow officers were on hand as he was honored.

“I don’t want to focus on the tragedy, I want to honor the work Craig was passionate about and how I got to know him,” State Representative Carol Bush said.

The Sergeant Craig Johnson Metal Theft Act also went into effect this week after Craig spent the final years of his career hammering down on copper and metal theft in Tulsa.

“It was his legislation and it was his passion to focus on this type of crime, and try to be part of the solution, so our communities could stay safe and keep the lights on,” said Bush.

Tulsa Police escorted Johnson’s family and friends along the highway Wednesday so they could get their first look.

“It gives the ability for his two sons to drive along that highway when they come of age, and know each and every time they come across that highway that there’s their dad,” said Franklin.

Portion Of Hwy 169 Renamed In Honor Of Fallen Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson


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